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Congratulations to Centre Elite Gymnastics

2017 Junior Olympic National and Eastern Championships Qulaifiers!

Centre Elite Gymnastics (CEG) is home to a USA Gymnastics competitive girls team – Levels 3 through Level 10 and Xcel and a USA Gymnastics competitive boys team – Levels 4 through Level 10. CEG believes in well-rounded gymnastics instruction that includes dance and strength training as a regular part of practice. The team focus will be based on the following principles:

  • Respect yourself. Dress properly for the occasion you are attending. Be sure your hair is up appropriately for practice. Wash your hands before and after eating, after a workout and after using the toilet. Eat a well balanced diet to keep your body healthy. If you are sick with fever, stay home and rest. Drink plenty of water. Sleep enough!

  • Respect your parents, guardians and family members for the sacrifice they make for you to pursue your gymnastics dreams. Without a good support system, you won’t get far. Thank them often, even if it feels awkward.

  • Respect the sport. Gymnastics should not be taken for granted. Be mentally and physically prepared before performing any gymnastics skills. If you do not feel prepared, you must tell your coach or instructor.

  • Respect all teammates, coaches, students in the gym and their family members. Speak politely. Use manners, say “please” and “thank you.” Everyone in the gym is important.

  • Respect the gym. Treat all equipment with care. Use only what you need. Ask before moving a piece of equipment. Share the space with everyone. Put everything away you get out

  • Arrive at practice before the start of practice. Be prepared to make at least one improvement over the previous practice. Don’t make it everyone else's problem if you have a bad day.

  • Leave the gym on a good note – say good bye to your friends and teammates, your coaches, other families. Be excited to come back for the next practice. Don’t let a bad practice prevent you from being eager to practice again.

  • Stretching, strength, dance and other physical conditioning are just as important as gymnastics. Work hard at all of these to make yourself a well-rounded athlete.

  • Work hard at school and have outside-the-gym interests. Gymnastics may help you get into college, but you won’t go anywhere without good grades. And, while gymnastics is important, so is life. Find at least one thing you love to do outside the gym and do it!

  • Remember that someone is always looking up to you – do not disappoint. Even in your bad days, you can teach a younger child a lot by choosing to behave in a positive manner in any situation.

Your child’s enthusiasm for gymnastics is the most important part of our coach/parent relationship. We must work together to help your children achieve as much as they desire from this sport.

Please feel free to contact Tracy (mailto:tracy@centreelitegym.com) if you have specific questions about our team program.  We would welcome the chance to talk with you.